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Hello and welcome to my escort videos page, my friends were kind enough to put these videos together for me and I hope you enjoy them.

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Why do I like videos ?

Hello there, I believe that my videos help my future clients see  what they can expect and to give them a little glimpse of how they would be feeling in my company. I decided to create a few small escort videos to show my style and the sophistication I possess. These videos are just a glimpse of my fashion sense, the way I dress and the way I carry myself when I am with my high profile clients. If a  girl is comfortable in her skin she will be confident with what she wears. With me, you will realize that I am comfortable and confident with my outlook on life. A few minutes with me and you will be feeling equally as good.

I am a premium escort and I make certain that my sensual and some may say exotic good looks are clear so that you know exactly what my physical appearance is when we meet.  Each and every move I make has a certain amount of tension and  appeal. My escort videos will make you feel confident and comfortable that when booking me, you are signing up for a hot, fit and sexy companion. Many  times, men find me intimidating, they say that it is because of the fact that I look beautiful, but  because I am down to earth in character and certainly not a Diva I mastered the skills to make them feel instantly comfortable upon first meeting. I know the exact things a man wants to hear and I assure you that with me around, you will find a new confidence in yourself, the kind of confidence that you have never felt before. My escort videos are all about this one thing, serving you with the best version of myself and making you the best version of yourself.

I am often booked to be a companion at high end business dinner parties and gala dances. Since I am already a  classy dresser and speak in a sophisticated manner, clients never hesitate  to introduce me as their girlfriend and the young and naughty ones do not fail to call me their sexy hot secretary. I can assure you that the bolder more intimate side of me comes out later on in private and I think in one of my videos you might see an example of that too. 

A professional escort should be more than just a hot body, she should be sensible and have the emotional intelligence  enough to understand the needs of her client. She should be aware of her surroundings and all the people in it. Most men who book a professional high class escort often do so  because they do not want to go to a public gathering alone. They feel good when an attractive female holds their hand, brings him a drink and then fucks him in the back of their range rover.

This is why it is important to understand the nature of a girl before booking her. I do not only have an attractive face and body, which is quite evident in my escort videos, I also have a sense of humor and intelligence which will never let you down. Thank you for reading the above and I look forward to meeting up with you soon  Elle XX