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Hello and welcome to my etiquette page, this page will clarify many things for you which I am sure will be helpful not only with me but with any other escort companion you meet.
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When you text unless I have met you before please do not call me darling or babe etc. Be polite, volunteer your name and  what time during the day or evening you would like to meet. 
Be ready to answer my questions eg what are my fees etc This is to establish that you have read my details which you would if you are genuine.
If we have not met before. All questions of an intimate sexual nature prior to meeting will be ignored as it is impolite and against the law to answer them as that would be considered solicitation.
Do not try to negotiate my fees at any time! I am a professional paid companion and essential worker. I am not a woman you met at the pub for a drunken one night stand.
Do not contact me with any times less than 2 full hours to get ready. 
Please take your shoes off inside front door area as I would if visiting you. Be discreet when arriving, there is  no need to shout at the front door or make a big scene no matter how excited or alpha male you may want to appear to be.
Be prepared for nice conversation about your self, I resent those who expect me to do everything and additionally carry all the conversation.  If you are going to play the silent game I am great at mirroring you.  It will not be appreciated if you try to  get too personal about my private business. Respect that it is not nice to ask me about my work and please spare me of any negative snydy remarks that relate to my friends, my career or myself.
Please remember to treat me with respect as I will naturally do for you. Even how subtle or cleaver you may think you are I can always tell when someone is trying to be unkind. 
You would be right to assume that I get checked often and that my my health and safety is of paramount importance to me. 
Do not get drunk before meeting me make sure your not unkempt. If you are either or both you will not be entertained. 
Please have my fees ready to hand to me within the first 5 minutes , without me having to prompt you. 
I will offer you a shower when you arrive and before you leave, kindly accept it!
Respect my time, do not try to linger, if you want to stay longer you need to pay for that time extension and if I am available and we get along I will say yes. If you are running late your booking starts at the time agreed and you need to leave at the time agreed. 
For many reasons it is normal to have a chat with you at the start , during and towards the end of our booking. I do not appreciate those who plan to physically rag - me - out continually during the booking.
Kindly respect my limits! Even though I am sweet as can be I am not your slave or some naive school girl you can bully into doing things that I am uncomfortable with. I view myself as an adult professional service provider and essential worker  who enjoys hundreds of things  in my life eg an adult professional girlfriend, companion, escort, tantric masseuse and sensual Mistress. I do not want to become your real life wife or partner though you may feel we are in that relationship when we are together. Please respect my boundaries and my fees which are the most honest exchanges.
Be kind and treat me as a human as I if course will do to you. I am but a mere mortal just like you !  Kindly apply common courtesy then you will be the kind of client professionals like me look forward to see rather than the kind we dread and often decline. You will  find your experience will be much more rewarding and fulfilling because of it. Kisses from Elle xx
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