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Welcome to my etiquette page, this page will help us in having the most seamless of introductions. It is also my hope that my requested etiquette will be helpful in your experiences with any other escorts you may encounter. 

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*When you call or message me, please refrain from pet names until we’ve become acquainted. Such names like baby and darling should be reserved until we naturally develop our own dynamics. Additionally, please offer your name before requesting a meeting.
* Kindly do not ask me any questions of an intimate or sexual nature prior to our in person dalliance, for the security and peace of mind of us both.
* Be prepared to answer my questions such as what my fees are and other important details listed on this site. This is to establish that you are informed and genuine and allows us to enjoy each other without walls or uncertainty.
* Do be punctual, our booking starts on the time we agreed and take careful note to my text directions as my neighbours won’t appreciate unexpected visitors ringing their bell.
* It is important to have my fees ready to give me within the first 5 minutes without prompt or request.
*Please ensure you are dressed appropriately, of impeccable hygiene and sober upon arrival.
* You will be offered a shower before we begin to warm to each other, kindly accept and enjoy this time to relax and unwind.
* Be prepared to contribute to  stimulating, light or meaningful conversation. There’s nothing sexier to me than a man who can flow with both banter and conversation. That being said, questions that are too personal or mentioning your family life is one of my few boundaries. We’ve come together to escape our everyday lives, so allow us to do just that!
* Respect will be gifted into you as I am sure it will be onto me, please refrain from unkind remarks about sex work, women or my colleagues.
*Overstaying your welcome is never the right way to show appreciation, however,  if you wish to extend please ensure fees are paid prior to the end of our time. Unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed but I can certainly try to accommodate extensions. With this in mind, I so look forward to meeting you. Kisses, Elle xxx
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