Lacie my legal representative and she is awesome !!!

Speaking as a survivor of illegal harassment because of what I do as a profession, I can tell you first hand that being treated badly by ANYONE because of being an escort is

totally unacceptable. If you do not seek legal advice and representation immediately things will only get worse the longer they are left to linger,  indeed to do nothing will not help you one - single - bit !!!. I  highly recommend Lacie Kerner from Richard Slade and company to settle your disputes relating to harassment.Please remember that if your like me, a tax paying, legitimate, adult service provider, then what you do for a living is NOT illegal and certainly ALL THAT OLD FASHIONED stigma is fading.It is your God given right to make your own life choices as an adult with which career path you wish to follow and as long as you are not a disruptive member of society NO ONE should ever get away with  inflicting any level of illegal harassment on you.

Those who harass others are basically bullies and soon disappear once they are given a word of warning by a legal representative etc.  I would not waste a second at taking severe action to protect myself and have absolutely no fear, should anyone ever try to disrupt my life again.

Contact Lacie on 02074050833 she is the expert at dealing with these types and

has successfully helped me out and a number of  my friends, no one wants to get on the wrong side of her I promise you that. Good Luck from Elle xxx

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