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Hello and welcome to my escort reviews page, I have great reviews on prominent London review sites, however these reviews were sent personally to me. I believe that client retention through relationship and consistency of a high quality service is simply the only way forward. I am all about great relationships and reputation. Happy reading Elle xx 

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I have excellent reviews on: The Erotic Review 

Certainly Elle is not a clock watcher or calculative wit any hidden extras of things I enjoyed.  Had a great time will be returning soon

Love the fact that Elles photos are taken by herself and not like all the catfish rest on the net. What a wonderful suprise, she is much more pretty in person. This lady is genuine so treat her well she deserves it. Thanks Elle from Rob x

Elle that was the best booking I have ever had with any escort I have met! You are a one in a million warm funny intelligiant sexy and fun. I feel like we have had a real connection something I havent felt for a long time. David x

It was lovely to meet you, thank you very much that was a great first time and you are so much more beautiful than your photos. Looking forward to our next meeting soon.xx

It was a real pleasure to see you again! Thank you for the wonderful time. Till next time... take care and best wishes! X

It was a great pleasure to meet with you xxx  Kindly make a note of my number for my next visit to London Xxx

That was remarkable, thank you Elle. Truly never experienced anything like it. Will see you soon ! Have a great weekend xx

Thank you so much for your time it was so much fun. It would be great to see you again ! X 

Wow! Knockout looking model body type with curves. Great time well spent.

To Elle/Mistress Eve thank you for the lovely time last night you are simply the best and I am very grateful and fortunate to know you the dinner was great and was the best date I ever had Elle/Mistress Eve is a classy woman you won’t regret meeting her she is drop dead gorgeous and she is great company 10 out of 10.Thank you from Sam xx

Thank you Elle. It was absolutely wonderful to meet you. It put some needed positive moments into the day. Thank you

Absolutely stunning and lovely Lady. Her physique left me speechless and for every man who is dreaming of perfect breasts, this is the real deal. We met at her luxurious flat and she made me feel very comfortable and completely forget the outside world. She certainly knows how to seduce, and although I'm usually not into plastic surgery (please forgive me a little bit of honesty here) she is one exception, it's done very very well. When it comes to the intimate part of our date, boy was I happy. Without wanting to expose too much detail, her BBBJ was one of the best I had in my life! My girlfriend and I will visit her together very soon.Looks 9.00 Service 8.50

Wonderful experience with Elle. I want to make sure when I book an escort girl that my money will be well invested so I am very skeptical with everything at first.Now though after meeting with her, I can say about her :- She is just like in her pics.- She has the ability to keep you on fire starting even before the meeting time.- She made me the center of her attention, as opposed to other escorts I have been with who seem to care just about the money, their mobile phone, time and themselves.

You set your limits, or your preferences, or whatever it is, but then it is her who based on that takes the lead with determination (this is also what I requested).
She took my interests serious. Short talk about what I would like to experience prior to encounter, this showed me that if I found my money had been wasted, it would not be because of her lack of dedication.We were together for 5 hours. As my companion to a business dinner in central London, and then we went to my hotel. Business networking on meetings like that one is not so much my cup of tea. But I was shocked to see how people were actually paying me more attention because of her. Educated attitude, classy elegant dress. Calling me "honey". And you know how men are... :)Back in the hotel I was feeling as if I was starting a relationship! Once there, where we arrived holding hands, she got changed, wearing an extremely sexy leather miniskirt and blouse. Showing herself in a much more provocative way. God what a body!!!!!!I must admit I was sad to see her leave through the door. We remained as friends and with a feeling of appreciation towards this woman in me. And the satisfaction of having experienced a night that started with class and sensuality and ended with enjoying the gift of a pure feminine woman, full of lust, and a deep know-how ;)Very often she made me believe she was my real girlfriend, as if she actually liked me.I honestly believe that very few girls offer the valuable experience that Elle offers and the least I can do is dedicate her this review.

Hello again Elle, I just wanted to let you know that I had such a wonderful evening with you last Thursday. You looked impeccable in that black tight dress and those sexy heels. Your new photos are great and you look even better in person...I'm still shaking. I wanted to thank you and let others know what a flawless beauty you are not to mention the wit, intelligence, and humorous charm. And such a wonderful demeanor, a refreshing pleasure after some of my other bad experiences with intoxicated escorts. I will be calling on you again very soon. Till then, Dxxxxx

To any gentlemen who may find themselves searching for the perfect escort for the perfect evening, Let me attest to the absolute perfection that is Elle. In every aspect this gorgeous goddess of a woman exceeded all expectations. From the onset I was put at ease buy this disarming and charming beauty, that it was mine blessing to spend the evening with. Words like sexy alluring provocative sophisticated mesmerizing enchanting stunning all seem to be part of the puzzle that still fall short in describing the beauty that was my companion. Her legs the most beautiful high heels the skirt that shaped beautiful frame and her beautiful breasts seemingly bursting the blouse the hair the face the makeup all came together for the perfect package that made my night a dream come true. So if it is you who are looking tonight for the perfect companion and escort look no further for you have struck gold here with Elle. Hold On Tight you're about to make a lifetime memory. As I plan on making many more with her.

To whom it may concern or better yet to those who about to find themselves very lucky to be in the presence of Elle, I am a professional who makes frequent business trips to London. Having some time to fill between meetings I found myself with a couple nights free and wanted some beautiful companionship. After searching through some online services I came across Elle, and was instantly captivated. I made the appropriate arrangements and we met at the location we decided on. I must tell you that I was instantly taken aback by the beauty and the essence they greeted me with sophistication grace and elegance. The night was stupendous and beyond my expectations. Elle has an aura of beauty that one must simply experienced firsthand, as words fail horribly to describe the beautiful woman that I was fortunate to spend the evening with. There will be no more online shopping for me I have truly found a treasure with her. And excitedly look forward to our next rendezvous. I encourage you the next job has the opportunity to spend the evening with such a lovely lovely creature as l do not hesitate for such a beautiful wonderful experience. Regards, Richard

This nice guy finished first!We always hear how "Nice guys finish last" with the beautiful women.Well for most of my life I experienced this. Always the "sweet friend" never the impassioned bad boy lover. So I took my lumps and became successful in other areas. Recently I decided, that while I had been enjoying the finer things in life, something was missing. Instantly I was resolute in having a lovely evening out with the most beautiful, intelligent, charming woman I could find. Elle!!Upon meeting her for my date, my eyes and heart were filled with this lovely vision of elegance and beauty. The pain of my younger days was evaporated at first glance. In an instant the scales were topped decidedly in my favour.Living feminine perfection was there with me, on my arm. One look into her eyes and at her statuesque figure and I was captivated as was every other man in the room. However this time, this nice guy in finishing first! Her elegance, grace and mannerisms only ensured me that I will be "finishing first" many times in the future. I think I'll be attending some of the events that I declined before, with Elle and I'll be first!

I am writing this with a beaming smile  plastered across my face after just returning home. What a privilege it was to share the afternoon   from what has to be one of the most unforgettable moments with this gorgeous lady. Elle is cheerful, graceful and adaptable, amazing GFE and what a sweetheart. Take it from me, treat her well and reap the rewards. Gary

It was my second time seeing Elle/Eve I had seen her quite recently where she had started as Mistress Eve in an amazing latex corset and stockings and then switched to Elle mid way through session. I had asked if this time she would start as Elle and revert to Mistress Eve in the second half. When Elle opened the door my breath was taken away. Even though I'd seen her before and quite recently her photo's just do not do her justice she is even more amazing in the flesh. She opened the door wearing a black sheer  gown that just accentuated her curves. Once I was inside with the door closed she let the gown fall away to reveal her fantastic curves and body. She was wearing the most beautiful Agent Provocateur lingerie (it's her favourite).Like the last time Elle was amazing and took me to Heaven many time during my visit. As I had requested like last time, she changed mid session into Eve, she returned in the Leona latex corset (its' amazing red and black and was in Beyonce's Green Light video). She then told me I had been a very bad boy and that I must be punished. Mistress Eve knew I wasn't keen on major pain but just gently pushed my boundaries to bring me to places I had never been before....I will be back again to see Elle and Mistress Eve.... 

Elle, My  London Escort Dream,  I was looking for a youthful  looking lady to see the other day and found one who ticked all the boxes that I could want, if you put everything together this lady was the absolute perfect choice, the time spent with her was some of the best that I have ever spent with any escort in London, I would in fact go as far as saying any escort in the world. It was a great time and I left with a very large smile on my face, the perfect way to leave a escorts house.  I was searching in Google for “mature escorts in London” and came across this site; www.hotsexyescorts.com , I have never heard of them before but liked the layout of the site and how easy it was to use, on the homepage there is a girl of the week section and a featured escort second, running across the top is some type of “scroller”, which allows you to see a selection of ladies. All in all there are about 15 escorts displayed on the homepage giving you a good choice before you even start. I picked Elle right away, she just caught my eye, Elle was listed as the lady of the week and jumped out of the page at me, I think it was her eyes that done it for me, they are the type of eyes which just draw you in. I called the agency and arranged a time and date with Elle, I booked 2 hours with her, Elle is based in Earls Court very close to the tube station, I like it when ladies are close to tube stations because it makes them very easy to get to. The agency sent me over the details via text message and I was told to call me I arrived in the road for her house number. I had a quick check on the Internet and it seems that Elle is a very popular  escort and has some great reviews. When I arrived at Elles’ and she opened the door I couldn’t believe what I was greeted by, a beautiful and strong lady, massive eyes, beautiful hair and what a body, I knew that I was going to have a great time and couldn’t wait!

Elle may I compliment you on a fabulous profile. So often people dont really bother. Secondly I really need to say WOW!! You have some trully stunning photographs. Which brings me to this.... One day, I would love to paint you, you have a look, a certain je ne sais quoi that just cries out to be captured, wheather in oils or in photography... You absolutely deserve to have your simulacrum hanging on a wall somewhere. Cinnead.

Wow  Elle ! you are amazing, really stunning and what a body, thanks so much Elle for the wonderful time today, you have certainly restored my faith in escorts after some horrid experiences. I will for sure like I said be seeing you often in future. B x

Elle  I love your attitude towards our time together  today is a ime I will remember and certainly recycle in my mind in all the positive ways forever. You are an exceptional exotic looking beauty of your photos though they are great dont do you justice, your so much more in person .humbly,jack

Elle  You made my day, today and yes I felt like skipping down the street. You are divine company its so good to finally meet a stunning beauty who is at the same time humble, caring and down to earth. 

Hey Elle thanks for the great time today, I wont forget it ever and thank you for being so understanding, really settled my nerves, I know you know what I mean Tom x

I just wanted to compliment you on your new series of photos, I thoroughly enjoyed them. You are a stunning escort and London should be proud Mike.

I have been seeing WG’s for a while and for one reason or another I have problems finding a real escort who loves her job.So then came the day that I came across Elle she does GFE experience that is secone to none. I had read the reviews online and wanted to book her for a few hours and see how it went. I was really excited hoping that I had finally found that adventurous lady that could perform things on me that I had only before dreamed about. The hotel booked the champagne on ice and I had bought her a sneaky present that I knew she would love. I was waiting for her at the bar and I can tell you that when she walked in the whole room stood to attention she has that powerful presence. We introduced ourselves and went up to my room the fees for her time was exchanged and I went off for a shower. I had the time of my life with Elke I wont go into too much detail from here I would not want to spoil the suprise for you. 

Elle, You are a ray of sunlight on the cloudiest of days, you most certainly made my Monday one to remember. And yes I was one of her lucky clients today. If you were walked around London and saw a guy in a dark suit with a huge grin on his face this afternoon, that was me after my wonderful liaison with the delectable Elle. Already looking forward to our next liaison  Elle this smiling business could become addictive.take care and thanks again Charles.

Thanks Elle for the invitation to write the review. Hi this is David from California, I was in London on business last week and well all work and no play is pretty dull. So I came across Elle's site and of course loved the way she looked. Guys she is far more beautiful in person. Anyways had a few bad experiences with escorts over the years so, I always read the reviews from other people. I read the review by a guy named ' Joe' and well after reading his glowing report on everything Elle well it most certainly helped me make up my mind to contact her. I just want to say thanks ' Joe' for writing that review and you were 100% right in everything you said. I would have really kicked myself if I had decided against seeing Elle. I can say is she will be my Go to Girl every time I am in the UK from now on. Elle you are one in a million. Best wishes David

My review of elegant Elle, I have had some wonderful liaisons with Elle of the past couple of years. However ever since the first time I laid eyes on Elle, she has been the one and only escort that I contact, when I'm back in London. I recall one afternoon a little bored and in between meetings, I decided I would browse some of the numerous escort sites online. As anyone that has done so already knows there is indeed a great number of beautiful ladies available in this line of work in the UK. I was very much struck by the number of eastern European ladies in the UK and due, to a less that satisfactory experience with a beautiful Russian escort, I  very much did not want to experience a similar one in London.  There was nothing wrong with the over experience with the Russian Lady however, I just find Ladies from Eastern Europe cold and a little too stand offish for my liking.So when I came across Elle's well presented site I contacted her straight away.For me it is not all about the mind blowing experiences I have shared with Elle in the bedroom, though I have to say in that department she never disappoints. If there was a Gold medal for the things she can do well , she most certainly would have a large haul of them by now. I do count myself very fortunate that I get to see Elle at least once a month. I have to say each and every one of the Liaisons is as memorable as the last. So as far as I am concerned Russia can keep its caviar as long as London keeps Elle. Thank's Elle hope you like my review owed you one for a long time now.Regards regular Joe

Best night in forever. Thank you Elle for a wonderful evening, you made my trip to London a very memorable one indeed and I shall very much look forward to my next trip now. For anyone reading this review do yourself a huge favor and spend some time with this breathtakingly beautiful lady, you will not be disappointed. Treat her well and look forward to the rewards. In fact I would go as far as to say you will be creating some wonderful new memories for yourself and if you are anything like myself you will  end the evening with the biggest of smiles on your face. Thanks again Elle for an amazing night, I look forward to seeing you again.Sweetest thoughts still on my mind about you .... Brian from Scotland.

A wonderful evening spent with the beautiful Elle. I wished to write a short account of my time spent with Elle, I have not had a great deal of experience with escorts however on my last trip to London I decided that, hey we only live once so I thought I would give it a shot.After a little browsing on the internet I have the fortune to come across Elle's web site. I was indeed instantly struck by her stunning looks  and soon after I decided to contact her by phone. Elle most certainly had the voice to match her beautiful looks.I had previously decided being as I had only been in London a couple of times to ask her if she could suggest a nice restaurant, as I very much wished to spend the evening with Elle.  She was more than happy to suggest a restaurant and we then agreed that the next evening I would send a limousine to collect her.All I can say is that when she stepped out of the limousine I was speechless, she is stunning.  Rather than write a novel I will just say that the whole evening I spent with Elle will long be remembered as one of the best evenings I have had in a long time and I hope to share more evenings with her on future visits to London. Thanks Elle Warmest regards Jeremy from Sweden

My liaison with the delightful Elle. I have previously had the pleasure of spending a wonderful and action packed evening with Elle on a previous visit to London . I would be lying if when I discovered I would be back in London last month,  her number was the first I called. Yes as you might imagine by any of Elle's pictures she most certainly leaves a lasting impression. I would have to say that her pictures whilst very attention grabbing are nothing in comparison with the Lady in person. Her sense of style is wonderful and her lingerie selection is impeccable, every curve of her amazing body is pure perfection and her legs well simply to die for.  I could go on and on about this living goddess, but I shall restrain myself. All I will say in conclusion is this, the Queen of England might indeed have the crown jewels, but as far as I am concerned the number one attraction London has to offer is the divine Elle. Looking forward to my next trip to London already.Thanks Elle for an amazing time. Best wishes Robert from Canada

I wanted to write this review for Elle, the most beautiful and wonderful escort I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. Over the years I have spent some quality time with truly wonderful escorts, but I have to say I rate my time spent with Elle as being in a different league. A gentlemen doesn't kiss and tell but I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her pictures are amazing but they pale in comparison with her breathtaking beauty in person. She is excellent company , she has the most amazing sense of humor and can converse with you on any subject you care to speak about. Gentlemen if you happen to be in London and wish to have the time of your life, then I would highly recommend trying to meet with Elle . Thank you Elle for the time of my life warmest regards Glen.

Dear Elle.Thanks a lot for your answer. I really appreciate you giving me the links to your sites and especially the photos. Which one is the best? All God created lingerie and Elle and made it complete for man to admire. Your telephone number is a holy grail and a fetish at the same time. I will absolutely call you and on my next visit to London I really want to see you. All the best from K. Best flat I have ever visted and I have visted many of them. First off a beautiful tall brunetter with a fantastic body!!!Couldn't wait to get me hands on this girls goodies.On arrival did my best to resemble an idiot as usual but she is just stunning.Let her take the lead and did as I was told and we were soon having fun.Got to grip with my self at last and started suggesting things.She loves 69 and once on her back with her legs in the air she loves being fucked. Pumping away in her tight pussy soon had me coming and it was just great.An excellent hour with a lovely girl for a really nice punt.

(on her birthday 6th of June): Very nice basement flat, about five minutes walk from station. All modern facilities and safe (would be happy walking around this area at night).Stunning brunette, 5'10 in heels 6ft 4 and with amazing long legs that wrap all the way around you. Elle is a very welcoming, genuine lady who deserves to be treated with respect. She is very good at putting you at your ease and has a way of finding out just what you like. I spent a most memorable hour in her company and I hope to return very soon. She does love her work even on her birthday.

Five minutes walk from the nearest tube. In a quiet, discreet, and safe street. A nicely decorated basement flat in Earls Court.Tall leggy brunette. Very attractive. Warm welcome standing in high heels, stockings, and rubber suspenders. For my second punt this was exquisite. Elle was very engaging and calming. After a chat and shower we ended up in bed having a wonderful time. I didn't feel rushed at all, and she was acutely aware throughout. Good conversation and laughs, and a body and looks to die for. Can't wait to see Elle again.

Oh My!!!  Elle is about 6 foot tall with long blonde hair and very attractive, looks a bit a cross between Julia Roberts and Elle Mc Pherson but with better boobs. As soon as the door opened she was standing there wearing what I had requested, she invited me in and offered me a drink. We went throught to the bedroom and chatted for a while and I was made to feel very at home with her. We then got down to the fun part,she fulfilled all my fantasies and more, I had such a great time.Afterwards we chatted for a while, Elle  is very witty and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing time with a beautiful and adventurous babe.

Sexy babe with good manners, offered me some drinks after I took a shower, we chatted a little bit which made me feel more comfortable. Elle's  kissing skills are great, we had  fantastic sex together, I can not wait to see her again.

Elle has this uncanny ability to put you right at ease and she seemed to instinctively know what I wanted and how I wanted it. Not to go into too much detail, this is a woman who genuinely enjoys making sure you get what you came for and has no inhibitions. She is simply one of the best I have seen and I cannot wait to see her again sooooon. Treat her well chaps but you need to see her to really believe her.

Elle is a charming escort with an amazing body, looks to die for and a soft Australian accent. From the fist second I met her I felt she had turned my day around into a romantic escape from my day at the office. Elle is delicate, sensual and soft, at first I thought I had her pegged for the rest of our time together, I was wrong .

She instinctively had got my number perfectly which took my breath away. Elle is amazing she can also be demanding and fiery , which was my secret fantasy come true. I have a very pleasurable time whenever I see Elle. My one concern is that I don't want to miss out if she gets too busy - so far I believe she is London's best kept secret, she is a delightful mix of female elegance style and temperament. Jake

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, UPPER CLASS GIRL!! With a body to die for and her s** appeal I was ready for a heart attack!!!! Her level of service is a perfect 10. If you're looking for perfection Elle  is the ONE. Absolutely wonderful. I won't go through the details (you may check her previous reviews), but for me she is simply MAGICAL.

I recall that I have always been attracted to blonde ladies older than myself and Elle has that look about her that I find irresistible. If I wanted a brain numbing experience then I am fine to get that anywhere, anytime. Upon meeting Elle at her front door, I was awe struck with what she had on, not exactly what I had requested though much better. I loved the fact that she was a genuine person I informed her that I was a bit nervous and she chimed in and said "that makes two of us",which I found endearing.Not sure if that was true but it certainly made for a real GFE experience which is what I wanted compared to the bog standard wham bam now get out experience that I have had the misfortune to come across in the past. Elle showed me through her very clean living flat, offered me some drinks. I loved the vibe of her place and the soft music that was playing through out. We reached a super large King sized bed, every thing so far was 5 star treatment, but what about the crunch part, would Elle match up to everything thus far ? We spoke for a while about my likes and some of my dislikes ( a few bad experiences I had in the past had left their marks on me ) Elle listened attentively, and together we hatched out a seductive role play scene, which was so horny and involved a lap dance among many other things. Elle got thoroughly involved in the role play and even added a few things that were delightfully spontaneous. Certainly she is a mover in bed lots of different positions and not a loud mouth which I find annoying. Elle did not rush me either, she said that she is not a clock watcher and like everything else she mentioned all of it was true. The only thing fake about Elle are her boobs and seeing as I am a great lover of big boobs that did not bother me one bit as they are more the norm these days anyway. I would see Elle more often than I do right now if I lived still in London, sadly though I am living abroad. I was surprised  by some of the things Elle said, she is very engaging and sincere, I had the idea that she sees mostly older men, but most of her clients are young like me. So it seems I am not the only one who is after a real woman who takes great care of her self. Did I mention she was one of the best bodies I have ever seen ?

I was a tad dubious for some time about meeting with Elle. However I kept a close eye on Elle's non professional photos and gave in  as I knew that I would be seeing the real deal compared to angelic images of escorts who are a total let down when met in person. I made my no fuss appointment with Elle and when I arrived was shocked as she looks better by far in real life. The real turn on is that her positive enthusiastic energy both in and out of the bedroom, which is second to none. She is immaculate and so is her surrounds a lovely flat private and discreet. Will I be returning ? I already have numerous times and we have now become if I dare say  good friends, Elle is a great  multi tasker, she  wiped away any visions I had in my mind of her dressed in heavy makeup and leather. A heavenly time spent with a genuine gal who really does enjoy her line of work.

It was Friday afternoon, and having just finished a very busy week in London, I thought a relaxing, intimate evening was well deserved. Just one challenge, there was no-one that I could share this evening with. So off I went on an exhaustive search of someone to share my evening with. After an hour of searching websites & calling ‘ladies’ that thought intimacy was a 15 minute ‘rub & tug’ I came across a website that I will never forget. The dinner date with an intimate dessert was set! I picked Elle up at her quiet Earls Court home. She invited me in prior to dinner & we shared a class of champagne. She was absolutely intoxicating in a sheer black dress & standing well over 6 feet tall in her stilettos. As we were leaving for dinner, she whispered to me “I can’t wait for dessert”.   We shared a lovely meal & conversed like old friends. In addition to her our outer beauty Elle has traveled extensively, some of her ‘travel tales’ are worthy of a book or movie!   The bill was sorted & Elle said “Dessert is on me!” How I avoided a speeding ticket getting back to her place was a miracle. We walked in her front door, she took my hand & whispered “come with me, lover”. For the next hour, Elle lavished me with all the pleasures one could imagine. Elle’s body is captivating & she uses it to create an experience you can’t forget. Her touch was divine, her ability to bring me to the edge of pleasure & bring me back was extraordinary.  Following a toe curdling orgasm, we hugged like lovers. I showered & was met by Elle in a sheer nightgown, showing off her beauty. We embraced & as I left she left me weak at the knees whispering “that dessert was only an introduction of what we can enjoy”.   I can’t wait for my next Dessert with Elle!

Type of Visit: Incall. Description of location: An immaculate flat in the heart of Kensington Chelsea therefore very safe at all hours. Hair colour: Blonde Body Type: slender with curves  Height: 5'9" Ethnicity: Caucasian/White Description of escort: Elle is a full 5'9'' in height barefoot, so can achieve 6'4'' in stacked heels. She has a magnificent (augmented) 34 F bust measurement. Description of events: This was my second visit. The first was arranged at short notice to try to shake me out of a gloomy mood and Elle was so successful at so doing that I promised myself that I would return in a more relaxed frame of mind, which I did. Before my previous visit, I had noted that Elle is quite comfortable with more mature clients, which was, for me, an important issue. When I arrived, Elle lost little time in getting me aroused in lusty GF mood and worked on me in CG position before moving to missionary to finish. Afterwards, we kissed and cuddled on her bed just talking and enjoying each other's company, straying over the hour's appointment.  Elle is a sweet-natured girl . We discussed my plans for a future visit to meet with. So, I can heartily recommend Elle a girl who truly enjoys her work. She is right in that she can prove an addictive experience.   Recommendation: Yes - Highly Recommend Reviewer return?: Yes Reviewer: Conwy

Type of Visit: Incall Elle lives in a nice clean ground floor apartment in Earls Court, very clean and tidy and I felt very safe Description: Elle is  tall with long blonde hair and very attractive, looks like Elle McPherson but with better boobs Comments: as soon as the door opened she was standing there wearing what i had requested,she invited me in and offered me a drink. We went through to the bedroom and chatted for a while and I was made to feel very at home with her. We then got down to the fun part,she fulfilled all my fantasies and more, I had such a great time.afterwards we chatted for a while,she is very witty and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing time with a beautiful and adventurous lady. Recommended: Yes Would You Return: Yes  jimmy

Elles place: Large basement flat on a quiet residential road. Great shower, large quiet bedroom. Lots of parking around if i had needed it, and close to several tube stations. Safe in the evenings. Description: Very tall, very beautiful, with  long hair. Not sure if her height, legs, hair, lips or breasts were her most prominent physical feature. Whatever the answer, she looks great. Comments: The meet was carefully arranged via a series of text messages and a time chosen which gave her enough time to get ready. I arrived to find Elle quietly behind the door, beautifully made up and wearing clothes that probably appear somewhere in her photo galleries. Very sexy! After a shower I asked for domination moving in to GFE, and she tied me spreadeagled over a large pillow on her bed before using some tools on me. But there was lots of laughter, lots of fun, and not much control: so we swiftly moved in to enjoying ourselves rather than domination. After a great short BJ and sex I came and then we talked. Later I kicked myself for talking so much, as I missed the chance of more fun. But she's a fascinating woman, and a good laugh. Recommended: Yes Would You Return: Yes

Clean basement flat. Nice area. Description: In her non platform heels she was my height (6'"). A tall model looking fantasy come true with amazing enhanced boobs. Long hair and fully shaven.  I contacted Elle a few hours in advance and we swapped texts. She uses a sensible routine to weed out time wasters. Texts and a quick chat to direct me to the flat. I undressed & showered, really nice bathroom. Then returned to the bedroom, both of us much more relaxed. Elle asked me exactly what I wanted - and delivered with gusto  lots of kissing spot on and delivered with sexiness and humor. She has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. Elle then gave me deep enthusiastic covered oral, then mounted me in CG. She was very vocal and I came powerfully. Elle chatted away amusingly, then in barely a couple of minutes I was hard again. It normally takes me ages to be ready for round two, but I found Elle really attractive and she definitely knew how to press the right buttons. Round two started in mish, very energetic with Elle fondling my balls. We switched positions a few times, kissed, lots of noise (unusually for me) and then I came buckets. I'm pushing 40 and this is not a normal round 2 result for me! Elle is really good in the sack. We talked some more, then I showered again and said goodbye. It was a very enjoyable hour, and we really clicked. Recommended: Yes Would You Return: Yes

I made sure to do my homework on the net before meeting with Elle. I made my lingerie and dress request which Elle followed to the letter. Absolutely time well spent on every level. I would consider myself extremely hard to please and very picky wit details and like a beautiful thorough breed race horse (those legs go on forever) Elle came through with flying colours. Its taken me years to find an escort who is so honest and caring as she is. Making plans for my next. meeting with her soon. G

I love getting on well with people, I believe its a gift that I have. Elle xx

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