Blakes one of my favourite places in London

One of my favorite places in London...Hello there one and all, I hope that you all doing well, here is my end of June update on whats been going on in my life as a happy and confident  high class escort in London. I feel it's a crying shame that all my old blogs got erased as there was a lot that I felt could of been inspiring and perhaps helpful to some readers, never mind I will typically carry on and do even better just - you - wait - and - see... I will of course re address the blog about the "Green eyed monster" story of just how a jealous crazy English escort tried her level best to get me out of my wonderful industry that I adore, well she failed and I will leave that for another blog... Perhaps she could have had something to do with a certain complaint made about my blogs to Google ? Nothing would surprise me with that one...Well any way I promise a lot more saucy and much more open blogs in future now that I have total control over them all, now no one can delete them... Lets get on shall we with the lows for June...

Lows; This months lows, well I had one of my eyes lazored so now I have perfect vision, but I was down for a few days and a bit irritable. The procedure was not bad at all and they gave me at Morefields eye hospital something to calm down which was dam strong I actually fell asleep in the taxi coming back. But it felt like I had sand in my eye for about 4 days which was annoying. I had to postpone my photo shoot to Germany due to the bad weather, it has been postponed to early August which actually suites me a lot better, so I am very happy with that.  It was a bit slow during June I have to say and the same was said by most of my escort friends = probably had a lot to do with all the voting.

As for the Highs; Meeting with fantastic new clients this month was a complete joy, I think it really  helps to be single in my line of work, I was in a long term relationship in Singapore where I   was considered the "IT" girl  as I was also modelling and that seemed to make me more desirable to be seen out and about with. The people in Singapore  are broad minded with my career and UK is catching up at last. Any way I was in a relationship which on just about every given day for 6 years was volatile to say the least, the reason I actually came to UK was to get away for that person once and for all and since I landed I have not looked back...  I think that being in a relationship as an escort is not a good idea the main reason I see is that the partner gets very jealous of the escorts earnings, at least this is what I experienced and this is why I had a fight on my hands most days, I think  its just about impossible to find a guy who is emotionally stable and financially secure enough to deal with my career, I gave up once for a guy and that too was a stupid mistake - certainly something that if I ever did again would have to be completely on my own terms. Until then i am very happy to work and be single and do what ever I want to do with no ball and chain around my ankle - free as a bird xxx 

Lets ask Elle a Question; Elle don't you want to settle down have some kids and stop fooling around and get serious ?Answer; No thank-you, first of all I do not believe in retirement, even the word retire makes me feel some what down... I am all about living my life my way and on my terms, I use to be that silly little door mat people pleaser which looking back was totally pathetic as I know now I no one can please everyone. I love the person I am now and I'm having the time of my life. I am playing catch up for a lot of wasted time I'm now  getting myself out there and I can see I'm making a lot of progress all credit goes to me... I'm in perfect health my figure has never been better. I have clear and healthy boundaries which are non flexible yet very fair. I have acquired some wealth which gives me financial peace of mind I'm living in the best part of London in an amazing home that I adore and I am creative with my photo model assignments. I do not see myself ever in a relationship with any one other than with myself, at this point. I have a lot of friends and those who are attached well lets just say after the pink cloud goes away I would not change places with them for anything in this world I am not willing to compromise my life like that. 

Subject Matter; Onto this weeks subject matter which is all about One of my favourite places in London.  I have been a long time fan of Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, I adore the decor and the lady Anoushka Hemple is one lady I give a lot of credit to for having wonderful taste. When I create my sexy resort retreat I will I think model it on Blakes Hotel certainly each and every room will be completely different to the next. I was asked this month from a divine client which Hotel I favoured and first one that came to mind was Blakes. He went ahead and booked the Oriental themed suit. I was looking my standard immaculate self getting out of my limousine dark lush thick red sexy hair flying in the wind with stunning heels a black little smart dress with a very stylish black coat the parted to show my long slim legs. When ever I make an entrance into any public place there are a lot of eyes on me but not in a negative way. I never dress up like a cheap Christmas tree I have years of fashion model experience behind me and I know how to dress to impress in a high end way which is always my way unless of course during exercise routines. In any case I was just on time, but as I am not one who ever is late I rushed up the stairs passed what obviously looked like a happy married couple. I flashed my wide smile with my perfect teeth and they both responded back in kind. In my mind I thought to my self as I was heading to the lift that they would have made very sexy clients in a threesome  booking, then  feeling something on my back I turned to look over my shoulder and there they were with the light behind them just looking at me, I returned the smile again and got into the lift. I knew that they wanted to talk to me but I had a prior commitment that I would not and could not let down. I walked along the corridor the excitement was building in a beautiful way, I had made sure that a deposit was put into my bank account as any wise escort these days should consider specially when she has never met the client before. Gone are the days of we escorts proving our sincerity and honesty to clients these days with all the time wasters it's a given that for all out calls and specially over seas appointments a 50% deposit should be made by the client. I will not allow myself to knock on a hotel door and have no one answer it, no way not in my life thank you. So now I was that the massive double door I rang the bell and almost instantly it was opened by this amazing Texan gent, this worked well for me as I have a huge soft spot for Texan Gents. I walked in and  handed him my coat that I took off in the lift for him to hang in the wardrobe and while he was doing that I sought my way to the most comfortable chair in the suite. Right there on the table with my name on it was my envelope. He walked towards me as I was putting it into my handbag, with a gift in his hand which I could tell was obviously perfume my favourite..Thinking I would just put it into my bag, he said please open it. I looked at him and did so all the while watching his eyes then looked down I was right there was perfume in the gift wrapped box but then right bedside it was the Tiffany box and oh yes I knew that this was an exceptional present...  I was so happy with this lovely gesture that I let my stunning Agent P dress slip to my ankles and  I stepped out of my dress on the floor and straight into his arms, I think this scene would have made a fantastic lingerie commercial he really did resemble a mature Marlboro model man image standing at around 6 foot 3 and there he was carrying me to the massive sized bed. It felt so sexy wearing n his necklace during the romps we had it was like I was owned by him as the necklace does look a bit like a slave piece it was a wonderful experience we covered the entire suite on the sofas chairs bed of course and a few times in front of the dressing mirror. I would say about 8 different sex positions and all done in frantic horny sweaty ways. We took a shower together once we had recovered and when I was happy with my appearance again we headed down to the restaurant, he made some remarks that he had not planned it to be this way, he thought that dinner would be first on the evening agenda, well it did not quite go to his plan now then did it. Once seated at the restaurant I noticed that lovely couple and so did my client as they were literally beaming at me for ear to ear. My client said that he did not know if we could ever top the things we got up to prior to the arriving at the basement restaurant ,I took that as a challenge... My client lets call him Tex  asked me if I knew the couple smiling at me , I responded sort of and with that I have them a knowing nod, Tex and I started on an amazing deep and amusing conversation during dinner at times I looked away from him to check in on what I now mentally called my couple. After dinner was over we moved to the restaurant bar and guess what, yes you guessed it there were the couple, the music was amazing as there was a resident female DJ there playing the most incredible music, I started to talk with the wife of the couple she seemed fascinated with me, and to my surprise Tex started to get along very well with her husband . We were all laughing before you knew it we were up in their suite which was even larger than Tex suite . Tex took me to one side and said , look I know I said that I did not think we could top what we did before our dinner, but I think we can with this couple he handed me another very large envelope much thicker that the one before and he asked me if I would seduce the wife. I looked over and saw the wife already in a night dress so I took that as a cue or the green light her husband was comfortable seated and I did my signature catwalk swagger grinning right up to her and plated a huge kiss on her grateful mouth, again for this evening I let my dress slip to the floor and stepped out of it still with heels then I backed her up to the bed pushed her onto it raised up her nightdress and spread her legs wide. I then knelt down and gave her the best oral orgasm she said that she had ever had, I could feel her convulsions and her wetness saturated the end of the bed the screams were amazing and we were both beyond caring. She wanted to pleaser me too but I declined I had to be the one in power with this lady the dynamics were just that way for me . She was flushed and a tad embarrassed her husband was glued to the chair I led her to him and then held out my hand to Tex then in front of the couple Tex undid his trousers and took me doggy style sideways so that the couple could see everything I was watching them while he was fucking me and the only time my eyes closed what when I came... All the while the couple did not know anything about me what I did for a living what their relationship was between myself and Tex to ask questions in a situation like this would have been a total passion crusher. It was like we all understood the rules of privacy and boundaries. we left their room and just as we closed the door we could tell that the couple were about the embark and a killer sex marathon the husband was so horny. Tex and I went back to his room and sat looking deeply into each others eyes. He confessed that this was much more than an average escort liaison of which he had many. I responded that I love to be spontaneous he asked me how I knew the couple and how surprised he was at what he saw and did and that it would be a life long memory for him. We discussed more about sex and lovemaking in general until I felt the time was for me to leave. I know that I will be seeing Tex on his next trip here as he has already secured his booking with his deposit again, I just wonder will we have as good spontaneous adventure as the first time around ? Only time will tell lets wait and see... Funny thing happened on the way out of the hotel, one of the barmen was at the entrance as I was leaving, this  really handsome bartender  with his number on  it handed me his  card  with his number on it, seems like I have got everyone charmed lately

Pet peeve; Politics, for the record I have never voted in any country than Australia and that was only because I had to. I don't like politics I'm not good at any kind of politics and I never plan to be. All this voting and everything I just say it is what it is and we all just have to get along the best we can through credit crunches recessions war etc I make it a hard rule to never get into conversations with politics or religion also clients wife stories are not favored.

Final Say; Its finally Summer lets all make the best of the good weather and have some sexy fun. With all the amazing famous men and women passing away recently does this not make you think of your own mortality and how life is so shirt and such a precious thing that we should all try our level best to have as much fun as we can even in such a progressive city as London ? I say make each day count and make as many good memories as you can after all we cant always be away on holidays or how about this call me to make a booking and I can bring some classy Aussie sunshine into you day XXX

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites,on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone.What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted.  and Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone.

Until my blog next Sunday, be kind to animals, take care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX

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