More than just one dimension...

Hello and welcome to my Sunday blogs, My name is Elle and I hope that all is going well for you in you lives. I would like to THANK YOU so much for your time to read my blogs, it really means a lot to me and for those who follow my blogs each week I want to give you a massive THANK-YOU and to say to you please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve I am determined about that. It is my intention here to entertain, enlighten and hopefully inform while being totally honest about myself yet be 100% discreet about others... Now then lets get started with this weeks Sunday Blogs... To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go.

Lows; Got some issues with a couple of crazy tenants that needs to be sorted out. Its a real bore and a headache for the neighbors. These kinds of people are everywhere I have been told, any way I am sure things will get sorted out soon.

Highs; Just working really well and having some amazing times and adventures with bookings. I am so blessed not to be doing any job that is mundane and boring... I have been to some really great hotels lately and had the best times in them, certainly I have made some every lasting great memories this week and the best part is the looks of appreciation from my clients who adore my body looks and the babe that I am, this to me is a job well done, seems like all my hard work is paying off

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hello Elle its me again, so how does it feel to be a mature escort ? Your obviously not in your 20s anymore, why not retire and let a younger escort take your place ? Answer: Oh never fear I will be here :) and for a very long time to come .

Subject Matter; This weeks subject matter is about the other things that I do in my life... If you think that I just sit around all day long with my lush long hair in curlers waiting by the phone then you would be very much mistaken. Though there is nothing wrong with doing that it is not for me... Besides loving my amazing career as a classy London escort I am also a landlord of properties as well as a property developer... It is not easy to be a landlord and presently I am in the middle of a rather difficult situation involving some very problematic tenants, but hey that is what life is like sometimes and all that I can do is to pick up the pieces and carry on again... Then there are my photo shoots that I enjoy doing but they do take up a lot of my time, I am the proud owner of 2 amazing make Burmese cats as well I try to fit in my charity work fighting the good fight against animal cruelty and the protection of the defenceless. As well as a brilliant and stable social life I think I juggle everything very well. I will say that my escort work takes first place and I am lucky that if I am not abroad on a photo shoot I can pretty much drop everything to be available for a booking. I know many others escorts in London and it is not uncommon for them to be balancing other jobs with their escort work just like me and I think it makes us more interesting too... Yes there is more than just one dimension to my life and I look forward to continuing on the way I have been for many more years to come...

Pet peeve; Those who assume wrongly that I have negative issues about being a mature escort... FYI I am so proud and happy with my age, my figure and my looks. In fact I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. My clients are thrilled to spend time with me and where ever I go I notice admiring glances from the public. I am sure that my looks are not for everyone - but with me... what you see is what you get as my photos are the most authentic on the net.
Final Say; Seeing is believing, best to call in the morning on the day you would like to book me and reconfirm one full hour before. I am not keen on meeting new clients after 10pm and once I take my makeup off that is the day finished for me. However if you stipulate that you would prefer me not to wear any makeup then that is fine too and I certainly do not have issues meeting you with out any makeup on at all.


We all have insecurities and I certainly am well aware that I am not perfect, who is ? But I try to make the best of what I have and isn't that all that we can do ? I am glad that my self loathing days are over, 2017 was the best year of my life and I hope that 2018 is even better for me and for you too. Much love and I greatly appreciate all your following and support on all my social media platforms and of course my weekly blogs, which I promise to keep up each Sunday so trust me I am right here for you and if you have any suggestions for my subject matters or questions by all means feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Big Kisses from Elle XXX

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites, on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone. What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted. and

Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone. Once again THANK YOU so much for dropping by to read my blogs and view my website updates, it really means so much to me, until my next blog, be kind to yourselves and others, also please be kind to animals they deserve it. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX

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