My New Years Eve experience.

Hello and welcome to my Sunday blogs, My name is Elle and I hope that all is going well for you in you lives. I would like to THANK YOU so much for your time to read my blogs, it really means a lot to me and for those who follow my blogs each week I want to give you a massive THANK-YOU and to say to you please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve I am determined about that. It is my intention here to entertain, enlighten and hopefully inform while being totally honest about myself yet be 100% discreet about others... Now then lets get started with this weeks Sunday Blogs... To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go.

Lows; I lost some where my favourite nail polish I am certain it is somewhere in my house and any way there could be far more serious lows but this is the only one that comes to mind this week which is not too bad ...

Highs; Working well and there seems to be no end to the amazing guys I am meeting all are respectful appreciative kind and generous what more could a classy escort want ? I am loving of course meeting with my adorable regular friends which is always very comfortable and then again I love to meet with new faces too. All in all my life is perfect and I am doing what ever I can to ensure that it stays that way...

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hi Elle I have seen your website many times over the past few years but have hesitated to book you and I am not sure why... What could you tell me about yourself that would persuade me to take the plunge and meet up with you ? Answer: Firstly WOW your question is amazing and many many thanks for your interest in me. I would answer your question like this... If I was in your position I would book me because I am a real person and even though I may appear a bit glam, I am probably the most down to earth person you will ever meet. I am not vain or emotionally detached I love the career that I am in and I can be a genuine friend if you take the time to get to know me. I am also entertaining and funny and being highly sexed adds to the excitement if I feel so inclined (wink wink) In addition I am fit and healthy dam good company and I make every effort possible to present myself to you in any way you like eg the natural look with no makeup or the super glam look with red lips and nails etc. My photos are all recent and up to date so you cant possibly be mislead and I would never mislead anyone. All in all I am a decent and nice person and that is rare so I have been informed, time spent with me is what great memories are made of and I do hope to meeting up with your soon.

Subject Matter; This New Years Eve was such a special experience... I met up with one of my friendly clients at one of London's best hotels this night was a night that I will always hold as a beautiful memory... I bought along with me a large suitcase of some of the most amazing latex high end fashion pieces that my friend had purchased for me from the famous House of Harlot... I bought along a floor length latex gown in black a lingerie set which is devine and so many other lingerie sets. We did a lot of creative role play this night to and brought in the New Year in style as well as going down to the bar spending heavenly moments in an opium styles bed and then onto an amazing restaurant we did not stop for a solid 10 hours of talking and getting up to some intimate and creative adventures which I will not go into here on my bllog as I want some things to remain private - well we all have our limits and boundaries wouldn't you agree. I spent a lovely time with a great companion and was treated so well - we watched the fireworks on TV and it was a night to remember certainly the best way to bring in 2018 xxx

Pet peeve; Running out of my make up or skin care... I love makeup and skin care I would say it is a passion of mine - I only pile on thick makeup though for photo shoots other than this I do scale everything back a lot.... But when I find products that I just adore they seem to always run out - I am making a resolution this year to go through everything and then only have my favourite things with me at all times and not things stuck in drawers for ever that never ever see the light of day...

Final Say; I have made plenty of New Years resolutions as I always do and I have noticed that I normally for fill them if I write them down at the start of my years diary and they are normally all doe by June. I find writing down your goals is the best way to achieving them why not take the inspiration form em to see if it works out for you too ? I wish you ALL the very best year to 2018, may all your dreams become realities xxx

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites, on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone. What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted. and

Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone. Once again THANK YOU so much for dropping by to read my blogs and view my website updates, it really means so much to me, until my next blog, be kind to yourselves and others, also please be kind to animals they deserve it. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX

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