When relatives from hell come to stay.

Hello and welcome to my Sunday blogs, My name is Elle and I hope that all is going well for you in you lives. I would like to THANK YOU so much for your time to read my blogs, it really means a lot to me and for those who follow my blogs each week I want to give you a massive THANK-YOU and to say to you please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve I am determined about that. It is my intention here to entertain, enlighten and hopefully inform while being totally honest about myself yet be 100% discreet about others... Now then lets get started with this weeks Sunday Blogs... To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go.

Lows; A so/so week this week for my bookings, certainly not as busy as I would like to be, but then I have heard that none of my other escort girlfriends are busy at all so I am glad for my lovely regulars who I adore if not for them I simply do not think I would be where I am today in my desired position...

Highs; I went and saw my new male kitten in Sussex and aswell I did a quick trip to Brighton which was pretty uneventful to say the least and I doubt I would ever have a reason to go back there... I went on the longest day of the year and that was an understatement.

Lets ask Elle a Question; Elle what have you been doing lately and when are you travelling abroad again? Answer ; I have been putting together a private limited company, which I am very excited about and also I have been looking around at another property to buy I am thinking Paddington... I have been doing quite a lot of shopping for things I know that I need - big tip never leave home without a list folks it is key... I have a long list of things I need to do so I guess you could say I have been busy getting all my ducks in a row... I am going away to Budapest on the 4th of July to the 7th of July to visit my good friends there ..

Subject Matter; I do not know about you, but I come from a very dysfunctional family, who in my opinion are users and abusers... I know perhaps to some this is not a cool thing to admit to. But I say to them let the truth set me free and coming to the other side of the world to get as far away from them as possible was the intention, which I am glad about now...In any case I had my 20 year old niece stay with me for almost 48 hours and I was so glad to find out that she left, even though she did so wothout letting me know... This ungrateful brat of a person was nothing other than a huge let down in every way and I certainly did not deserve the horrible mistreatment from her... It seemed to me that she was hell bent on having confrontations of any sort and the only time she was bearable was when I was throwing money at her, I am not used to being around dead weights and her energy was most certainly that and for someone as young as she is there is absolutely no excuse to be in the poor physical condition that she is in - I would estimate over 100 kgs and standing at 5 ft 4 ... I can only say thank goodness for my friends they are my family and I am glad I have no part in those that I left behind in Australia and so glad they do not live in UK which is where we all originally came from... I am still somewhat shell shocked in the way she left my place my hospitality and generosity was obviously not honestly appreciated and the whole time spent with her was vile... To end on a positive note - at least I felt so bad that I went out and did a lot of retail therapy to try to perk me up a bit and I got some really great things that I probably would never have purchased and everything was in the sale too and I am feeling a little better now, she was supposed to leave on Saturday but left on Wednesday thank God and I even said that her friend who I had never met could stay too. In the end its her loss and I am off the hook feeling very liberated and empowered that I made all the right choices to keep my distance from my relatives after all ... If you have a great family consider yourself very lucky indeed...  

Pet peeve; Those who do not put in any effort to get along with others = whats the point ?

Final Say; If you find that certain people are having a negative effect on you no matter how small it is get out while the going is good and stay far away. There are plenty of nice and decent people about and we should all do our part to stick together to keep the bad ones away...

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