She hates my guts

Hello and welcome to my Sunday blogs, My name is Elle and I hope that all is going well for you in you lives. I would like to THANK YOU so much for your time to read my blogs, it really means a lot to me and for those who follow my blogs each week I want to give you a massive THANK-YOU and to say to you please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve I am determined about that. It is my intention here to entertain, enlighten and hopefully inform while being totally honest about myself yet be 100% discreet about others... Now then lets get started with this weeks Sunday Blogs... To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go.

Lows; I am waiting for my little kitten to be ready to be picked up in August - I have to be so patient he was born this week... It is annoying that the weather is still like Winter...

Highs; The weeks just keep on getting better and better. I have made some amazing new regular friends and nothing pleases me more than knowing I am doing good for people as well as being able to do good for myself too. So excited my niece will be arriving from Perth on June the 20th for 8 days so I will be dedicating that entire time to spoiling her and showing her around London , please note I will not be available from the 20th to the 28th of June thanks, my phone will be switched off so I will not be disturbed too.

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hi Elle when a potential client calls to make a possible meeting with you what are some questions that you wont entertain? Answer : I will not and never will entertain any questions of an intimate nature, not only is it tacky to ask such things it is also illegal and its about time that you all realized that.

Subject Matter; Catchy title for this weeks blog wouldn't you agree ? Well here it goes .. I met with a lovely client this week who opened up to me about his wife - infact that is what we did during our first meeting, he said because he wants to meet with me again and become a regular friend to me that he wanted to clear the air initially in spite of being massively turned on by me physically he said that he wanted to get things right from the start... So he said that he has been suffering in a hate filled relationship for decades with his wife who makes a point of telling him most days just how much she despises him and basically hates his guts.. I believe I am a great judge of character I know very well that I am emotionally a very intelligent babe and I can say to you all here and now this wonderful gentleman does not have a nasty streak in him, in fact quite the opposite he is a gentle soul who simply does not deserve this kind of emotional abuse and torture. I asked the obvious question why does he not leave her and he said that he is afraid to be alone and though it is a toxic relationship it is all he has ever known and that this lady for lack of a better word was his first love and that they have children together etc etc... It is only recently that he has decided to meet with a lady to add a bit of balance in his life, he said that he has seen a few escorts but there was zero connection with them and in fact he felt worse after meeting with them as they seemed a lot like his wife with not warmth in their souls etc. I will be meeting with him again next week the deposit which he insisted on has already been paid and we are going out for lunch. I really feel so sad for this lovely guy it is not fair the way he has been so poorly treated and it makes me wonder just how many other wives are staying put in a dysfunctional relationship just to maintain a good life style ... I am an out and proud escort, I do not have any shame about what I do for a living , I am proud of myself for doing a job very well and that few others can,  I would never put up not even for an hour a mans poor behavior and I have the right to turn away clients who I know I do not have anything in common with, yes I have terminated appointments if I can see and feel that there is no chemistry or if the gent is acting in a poor behavioral manner... The meaning of a whore from what I have been told is a woman who can live in a horrible relationship just for the money. A whore is something I can never be and will never be I would rather starve than to ever put myself in that kind of situation it must be a miserable way to live a life. Now imagine this poor guy he is in the this relationship, he is miserable and abused and he is the bread winner, its like a no win situation ... As he has had to plough his energies into something he focused a lot on his work and because of this he is a very successful business man, I wont lie I do not escort only for the thrill of meeting great gentlemen, that would be 50% of the reason I escort the other 50% would be the the financial gain and so as this gent is very generous and the tip spoke volumes I will certainly be by his side for a s long as he needs me. I hope that I can bring some light into his life and yes he will be reading my blog and has given his full permission for me to write this. He asked me to say to any other man out there in a similar position to what he is in, go find your self a nice girl on the side because life is really way too short ...

Pet peeve; People who pontificate... I have a girlfriend who is very dear to my heart, however she complains about agencies who do not extend to her any bookings because they always seem to favour the newest girls and I guess it is only fair because she was a new girl once and so she had her turn and now it is others turn to get the work. She is very pretty but, she just cant get her act together into making her own website. I know it takes a lot of work and sitting in front of the computer but what other option does she have ? Any way I felt lately like she needs a bit of her own space because I cant keep repeating myself to her. I am sure when the time is right she will get a great new website and her life will take a turn for the better but for now she seems to like complaining about agencies not diving her bookings and for that I cant hang around...

Final Say; Being kind goes a long way with me and I value long term relationships above all else .

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites, on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone. What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted. and

Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone. Once again THANK YOU so much for dropping by to read my blogs and view my website updates, it really means so much to me, until my next blog, be kind to yourselves and others, also please be kind to animals they deserve it. Lots of love and kisses Elle XX