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Hello and welcome to my Sunday blogs, My name is Elle and I hope that all is going well for you in you lives. I would like to THANK YOU so much for your time to read my blogs, it really means a lot to me and for those who follow my blogs each week I want to give you a massive THANK-YOU too and to say to you please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve I am determined about that. Now then lets get started with this weeks Sunday Blogs...To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go.

Lows; Seriously, everything in my life is on track and amazing I have not a thing to complain about and for this week there are no lows which I am very happy about.

Highs; This week has been amazing, I have enjoyed meeting up with a few familiar new client/friends and also meeting up with some new faces which is always great. Cathy Heaven is back for a week which I am always happy about, we spare a day to hang out and go to Oxford Street before she leaves. I have found an amazing masseuse just around the corner from where I live in Earls Court she is the one I have been looking for and only charges £30 for a super deep tissue massage, let me know if yu would like her contact details.

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hi Elle what is your favourite brand of clothing etc. Answer: Nice question... I love all things Chanel. I adore skinny trousers, statement jackets and large sized handbags. I love over the knee boots that have a practical heel to walk in and I love over sized jumpers too. I believe I am not an easy to spot escort, the way I dress and present myself is classy and understated, I like it that way...

Subject matter: OK onto this weeks subject matter... I get asked often if I have ever been married and I think it is high time that I addressed this subject once and for all. Yes I feel it would be good for me and in a way liberating to share this part of my history with you. So here goes I will take the plunge but before I do I would like you all to know that it takes a fair amount of bravery to share my life with you and to be as open as I am at the start I was fearful, but now I feel I am over all that self doubt and so with out further ado here goes... I was looking to find myself as we all do I suppose, in my early twenties I ended up falling in love in Bali with an amazing Balinese guy who was an artist and had lived in Sydney. We were so much in love and I guess to many were ere the it couple. Of course nothing in life is ever perfect he had two little daughters and an ex wife living in Australia which always plagued his mind. In any case for 6 months were were inseparable and really enjoying everything about Bali. The only thing we had issues about was his ex wife who came to Bali a few times and there were terrible arguments between them both. I had to leave for a period of time for a modelling assignment I had committed myself to and so with a heavy heart and a lot of tears at the airport I had to go... We both knew that I would be away for three months and it really was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. In any case I was extremely busy and so for about a month I was too occupied, it was madness how many photo shoots I had to do... I had a month to go before returning to Bali and was excited about my return I had got some great new clothes for some designers and was thrilled about seeing my boyfriend. I went out one day to Orchard Road in Singapore and bumped into a couple I knew in Bali and got some dreadful news that my boyfriend had passed away... I was devastated and the mystery of how he died is still around today in certain circles back in Bali... He was found after three days at sea in Sanur on the other side of the island no note and his body looked like it had a lot of trauma. It looked like he had been attacked and also his teeth were all gone. As soon as I got back to Bali I went to see his family and they were all grieving it was horrible and so sad. Many people were sad because he was such a charismatic person and a true artist... I was in shock for many months and after a lot of soul searching and a proposal I did the most insane thing..., Looking back I think it was my way of connecting with my the man I loved... I went ahead and married his best friend a man I thought had good intentions but I was so wrong... Everything is clear wouldn't you agree in hindsight? I actually did not want to marry at all and nearing the day I tried to back out but as everything had been planned I felt too guilty and confused to stand up and say no this is not what I ant to do... I was 23 years old and still grieving over a lost love and I went ahead and did this... The marriage lasted one year I buried myself in designing clothes, we had a shop right next door to the Sari club you know the one that got bombed and so many lives were lost , well if I had not gone back to Bali and fought for a divorce in a public court, I could well have been snuffed out too with that bomb attack... My husband turned into a vile person soon after we got married and it was established that he only had the idea to profit form me, looking back I don't think he was such a good friend to my my former boyfriend at all. Sometimes I actually thought and my then husband gave me hints that he had something to do with my boyfriends passing away, a few other people suspected this too so I was certainly not the only one. But I kept on going on, I think I was looking at or trying to cling to things to look at them through rose tinted glasses all because of the grief and confusion I was feeling over a lost love. Well my husband turned into a horrible person and after some indisputable evidence of betrayal I planned my escape from him and from the island I loved so much. My parents came to Bali knowing something was terribly wrong they could hear it in my voice when i called them and when they arrived I was so thin I was almost unrecognisable my mother was furious and had huge arguments with him and after realising that he was delusional she asked him to meet us up on a mountain far away and when he went there she packed me off onto a plane after getting granted permission to leave, as a wife I had to have signatures from my husband to leave and well it was tricky but it got done and that is all I am going to fess up about that... On the way to the airport word got back to my husband that I was leaving him and as we were in the taxi there he was on a motor bike which he laid down in front if the taxi driver and then tried to grab me to get out of the taxi - my Father punched him and called him a bastard and I really felt for the poor driver who was literally shaking but we managed to leave and were very proud of ourselves in getting away we called it operation cats whiskers because that was how close it was to leave... When I got back to Perth I tried to start my life over, I did everything that one does I got a job and worked at clubs on the weekends on the door taking cover charges which was a much sought after job there. I also took up doing a costume design course which was OK but it did not stick with me, I learnt what I wanted and moved on. I was living in a great apartment in MountLawley but I was miserable and I knew that I could not leave these loose strings. I am a responsible person and I believe that for me if I make a mess of something then I am the one to sought it all out not anyone else. I was very afraid but I went back to Bali after 6 months and fought on a public court of law to get my divorce and I won... My ex husband was a dramatic coward and his then girlfriend was wearing all my clothes to court (I left Bali with a small back pack) was childish and pathetic but there you go it is what it is... Well this was my marriage and I did not think much of it or marriage in general really. I believe that if two people really love and care for each other they do not need a piece of paper and a party to seal the deal of staying with each other in a happy and productive loving relationship. So to those who ask me if I have ever been in love of if I have ever been married I will be happy to refer you to my blogs in future. Oh and P.S. No I do not have children...

Pet peeve; Bitchy minded people, seriously I have served my time being around them in the past, now I feel so blessed that I am in the position and have the power to be way more selective about who I mingle with.

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