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Hello again and welcome to my Sunday blogs. First off I am so glad you have found me and how on earth did you find me ? Its not like my website is ranked highly on google or anywhere else for that matter. Any way welcome newcomers to my site I hope that you enjoy the views news and info. I would also like to thank my loyal followers so much for their love and support reading my blogs each week and visiting my website often, it really means a lot to me. I would like to say to you all please stick with me, my blogs and writing will improve, I am determined about that. Now then lets get started on this weeks Sunday updates... To start off I will as always tackle the lows of the week and here we go...

Lows; Well I heard the news about Peter Burns passing away, I know some may not like him , he made some mistakes with his health which may have led to him having a massive heart attack perhaps ? But one thing for sure he was an individual for the most part living his life on his own terms doing what he loved to do by being a public figure and not giving a dam about the social norms and I salute him for that. Being so normal is boring and as we are all unique it does not make sense to me to conform to what others are comfortable with us being what do you think ? Personally I have had a brilliant week nothing to complain about , but I am always so sad when I hear of someone passing away really brings it home how short life is doesn't it ?. I say enjoy the times we have here and work hard to be as happy as you can possibly be each and every day ...

Highs; Life is great and I living in a state of gratitude is now the norm for me. Initially it took some work to be in this state and I do have down days just like everyone else but hey I am getting better at this new way of thinking and the alternative is not worth thinking about . I have had a great week keeping myself fit healthy and productively busy what more can I ask for ? I am surrounded by great people and well life is great and loving the fact that I have three photo shoots scheduled for November which is going to be busy for me. I will be going to Dusseldorf for a model shoot and of November for 4 days just to let you know wish me luck wont you ?

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hi Elle, I am wondering would you consider a an extreme submissive booking, I am looking for an extremely submissive escort for verbal and physical domination and humiliation. Answer: Thank you for your inquiry and even though I do understand the attraction for some clients for this service, it is not for me. I could not ever allow a client to mentally of physically harm me to the extreme. I wish you luck with yor search but again I cant and never would be able to help you.

Subject Matter; This weeks subject matter is an informative one, which naturally I hope will help some of you out there who have often wondered, how to I relate to an escort and what might he/she perhaps take offence to ? It could be that you are a client who has found that you are not getting positive responses from your paid companion or it could be that you have a neighbor who is an escort and as much as you would like to form a friendship you just do not know how to go about it. The one thing you must remember here is that most escorts have at one stage or another felt the sting of discrimination and hatred because of what they do for a living, so to a certain degree they can be a little guarded due to a past distasteful experience or as I am well aware in my case many negative experiences. Also they may have mixed feelings that you may not be one of the enlightened new breed of non judgmental people and that you have ulterior motives that could be threatening to the escorts lifestyle. I believe that we all like to be excepted, not rejected and I am glad to say that most certainly attitudes towards escorts has indeed improved, but still things could be a lot better and we all have a long way to go before they are at there best. I suggest that when communicating to an escort you try to put aside any or all of your negative judgmental attitudes and just try to focus on being a normal decent human being. Try really hard not to ask intrusive questions in particular about the escorts work, to do this would be like you are placing yourself into the position of power and not only is this intimidating for the escort it is also none of your business. Try to keep conversations superficial and neutral, I am certain that if over the course of time trust is developed the escort may feel safe enough to become more friendly and open with you. Also ask yourself what is your agenda, if it is just to be curious then though curiosity may be your burning desire you may have to except the fact that not all escorts like to or want to talk about their work or private life to anyone. To conclude the best way to relate to an escort is to treat him/her not as a curiosity object like an animal at the zoo, but try treat him/her as a normal human being who is in an exceptional career doing the best they can which ultimately keeps each community in the world a much safer one. Perhaps you could change your mind set and think of escorts as brave people who sometimes put their lives on the line in order to make a legitimate tax paying living and who get little to no credit for doing that. If you harbor hateful opinions of escorts that no matter what you cant get rid of, I would ask you this one favour, please spare them your company and go find your self other people to play with. No one needs to be around hateful people in particular escorts who are for the most part are very low key, have not had all the opportunities that most consider to be "normal" eg not that well educated and who are just trying to get by in life... Its not rocket science to know that hurt people, hurt other people and as escorts have a lot of interaction with people, their senses to be able to tell between what is a good person and what is a bad person are heightened so be aware of that. To conclude try to be nice to escorts they are people just like you, not some alien life from another planet. I hope that has helped to make things clearer for the better of all of us, I always welcome feedback good and bad so don't be shy to send me an email on anything that you feel needs to be said in response to my blogs. These are all my personal opinions and I do feel that from my experience I am giving myself permission to have them even if they may not be well received by some of you out there.

Pet peeve; I met with a client the other day and if I am honest I did not like very much. Straight off the bat he said " So how long have you been in the game", when I rebuffed his question with "Oh a while why ? "He launched into " I bet you must earn and lot, do you pay all your tax ?" This is when I actually looked at him and could see a , I want to provoke you look on his face. I said to him my pre thought out speech which is ... " Its OK you do not have to concern your self with my career and don't worry it is part of my job to gracefully avoid certain questions which is what I am going to do, now then shall we get stared on that massage? After this he turned out to be a great guy I think he kind of realized that he over stepped his mark. My pet peeve this week is about clients who have issues going on in their own lives and see booking an escort as an opportunity to vent on them. Just because an escorts time is being paid for this does not entitle any client to be rude and intrusive and in my opinion no escort should stand for it. It can be a juggling act to say nicely "mind your own business and do you not know you are being rude" but if I did not put this client in his place it would have only made it worse on the next escort he would meet. We all have issues and sometimes life is not fair but that is no reason to take it out on others, our responsibility is ti deal with our issues that is part of life.

Final Say; It was tough when Google deleted all my blogs literally hundreds of them that I will never get back. For a while I found myself a but unenthusiastic to write any more but that has passed now and I am back on track right where I should be and now I can write what ever I want due to my blogs being internal in my site = Yay !!! So I am now over my writing slump and will endeavor to keep my writing right up to date each and every week.

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Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone. Once again THANK YOU so much for dropping by to read my blogs and view my website updates, it really means a lot to me, until my next blog, be kind to animals, take care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX>