Making the best connection is the best feeling in the world

Hey there,  so how goes it are you gearing up for Winter in London? I am and have got myself a lovely new jacket a bit on the expensive side but I love it. Lets get straight to it for this weeks lows...

Lows; I have noticed that now the cold weather is coming along I am getting really sleepy in the afternoons is anyone else feeling like this ? One of my boys James my male Burmese cats seems a bit ill and its go me worried all the vets say he is fine but I don't think he is, he is slim much slimmer than his brother and he falls sometimes its weird I hope he gets better soon. I am coming off a lot of websites ad agencies that were really of no use to me at all, some of them are dormant and no one answers even the phone so it is proving to be a little difficult I want to clean up my brand I dont know what I was thinking being up on so many different agencies well that is all changing now step by step.

Highs; Working so well meeting a lot more regular clients than new faces, I love to be kept busy, got everything in order have time to myself to do what ever I want and well yes I am living the dream and loving every minute of it .

Lets ask Elle a Question; Elle how do you stay in such great shape are you a gym junkie? Well I am syure this will please a lot o people out ther... I do not eat what I would like and as much as I would like , I keep a close eye on what I eat each and every day - being a vegetarian I think helps a lot too.

Subject Matter; Onto this weeks subject matter ; Making a great connection. I am sure that we have all met a special someone in our lives and yearn for that feeling of connection more often with others but we must admit to ourselves it is rare. A client of mine voiced his opinion of my industry that it is built on a pack of lies and I do see his point. We get on very well and I believe it is all because he is a smart guy and can see that I am a genuine gal with a very big heart. I actually agree with what he said, I have been in situations where I have seen some escorts acting unbelievably over the top fake so much so that it was embarrassing just to be there. But I also believe that just like everything one cant generalize and that in every industry there are bad apples but also there are some great people too. Clients are also called punters and for good reason they are betting on a good time and hope that they have  a good experience or a solid and genuine connection of human companionship. We all have bad days and not all of us work well under pressure for example irritating super last minute and super late night requests which I bet no escort really appreciates. Over all I would say that I am a very genuine person who loves to be happy and around people with good energies and I too love having great connections with people and that includes obviously my clients, there are those that it is impossible to have any positive connection with just the other day after this particular client got his satisfaction shall we say he stated to make snide remarks that were cutting and inappropriate to say the least - certainly they were not warranted and not related to my service but more about personal mockery and a bit of a bully I could see. I simply turned and said " Its OK you do not need to worry I have a great life and its part of my job to deal with comments like that" I could tell he was shocked and he visibly blushed he did not say much more while he was getting dressed but did say sorry at the door and hope he did not upset me too much to which I replied " All part of my job have a great day"... I call that check mate, I took the high road and left him with perhaps something to think over and in any case what he was trying to do to me with his verbal let downs of himself was more a reflection on him than on me and I can tell if I was to compare I am a far more happier person than him. I mean to even have that mind set to me is like being a miserable failure in life. I love people and life and the one thing I always hope for before a meeting with a new client is that we really hit it off and I am assured by all my other escort friends that they too think the same way, age and looks play no part in this by the way, if a client is a lovely person it does not matter how old or what he looks like if he is over weight or out of shape none of this matters just so long as he is a nice person to be around this can make the whole booking turn into a lovely and memorable experience. I do not know why some guys seem to want to try to turn what could be a wonderful and sexy experience into a horrible one with intrusive negative questions or statements its so unnecessary and such a waste of everyone's good time.

Pet peeve; Nastiness from people, there is no need for it even if pushed there is always that choise to take the high road and if all else fails the best thing is to simply walk away, no one can argue or insult you if you are not there to be argued with.

Final Say;I know that Winters can be a bit of a challenge for me,I feel the cold it seems more than most probably because I was raised in Australia, but this Winter I am determined to be chipper about everything and just rug up well. Got my new coat that I am wearing already and love it.

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