The green eyed Monster

Hello there everyone, I hope that all is going well with you and that this month of September is amazing for you. I hope too typically that you are enjoying your lives and that those you care for are as well. We have at long last got ourselves a Summer here in London. I love London its the best City in the world, the one and only thing I loath is the cold weather, I could imagine London in Summer weather all year round, I don't think any one would want to leave. I mean the cold is   a great excuse to dress up for fashion statement, but I miss wearing a bikini all day long I really do.

Lows; None to speak about infact I am happy with everything

Highs; I'm doing well, visited some lovely hotels lately and got some amazing ideas for some future decorating projects I have in mind. My eye sight is amazing now, I had lazor surgery on my right eye and now I have perfect vision, so I am very pleased about this and threw away my glasses, I wont be needing them any more.

Lets ask Elle a Question; Hello there Elle I am wondering I would like to bring along a gift with me next time we meet - My question is what would you like = I am always happy to receive anything that you like but perfume is always a very safe bet with me xxx

Subject Matter; Now then onto this months subject matter which I feel might bring about a bit of insight for those who are not fully clued up about my industry. Lets face it we have all heard about the stories of men being stalkers etc and one would think that in my line of work this would be the biggest threat, but for me in my experience I can say that this is not the case. I have had far more trouble from other escorts, in particular those that have wanted to do what ever they can to get me to quit the career that I chose to do and am so passionate about. I recall one such English escort stalking me for years doing such insane things as parking opposite my home to keep an eye on me, going through my trash and going out of her way to try to get me fixed up on dating websites all without my consent. I know this all sounds totally bizarre to you as it does to me. But without looking I found out these things from others who she also did the same things to, at least that was one thing I did not feel that I was an isolated case and not the only victim. I have to say that some of the escorts I have met have been total nut jobs but this one was a lethal nut job. My profession is a very competitive to some girls, I don't get involved because I have a busy life to get on with and I don't play politics that well.

Pet peeve; The Yulin dog festival is my pet peeve and this practice along with all other crimes against animals makes me feel ashamed to be human

Final Say; Be true to yourself, everyone can see straight through a faker.

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites,on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone.What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted. and Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone.

Until my next blog, be kind to animals, take care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX

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