August 2016 Photo shoots

Hi there everyone I hope your doing well and enjoying the great weather we are having here in London at long last. I have been away most of this month on photo shoots in this blog I am attaching a sample pic that was taken in Germany by a brilliant photographer that I got along with so well just like I get along with most people. We really clicked and I think we produced some great pics which I hope you like too. I will be shooting with him again in future that is for sure and I am very relieved to have found a great photographer who does not over edit my pics, I dont need that much editing done and these pics prove just that. I am back now from Budapest and plan to stay in London for a while well up to Novemenr then I am away on another shoot again. I do like to keep my images right up to date wouldn't you agree? I have been blessed with some admirers of my photos sending me items of lingerie etc to wear which of course I have featured and will continue to do so . If there is anything that is classy and that you feel would look good on me send it to my suite address which is visible on my wish list page. I always try to make each shoot I do better than the last and it is like a personal challenge these new photos are really so much better than my previous ones taken in December last year. Well apart from the photo shoots I have been having a great time staying in 5 star hotel luxury and I got to have dinner with Cathy Heaven the night before I left Budapest she really is one of my closest friends and I think the world of her. Well I guess I had better sign off I've still got a lot to sort out after only arriving home yesterday. Lots of love Elle XXX

London Escort Lingerie 1b5