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Hello, welcome to my FAQs page. Please note that my chosen career is 100% legal in England. I know the law and happily work well within it. 

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Q; How can I make a booking with you? A; Call or text me with your brief introduction/outline: your name, time you would like to meet, length of booking, incall or outcall and dress request. A days notice is preferred, if I am around the minimum is 2 full hours notice.

Q; Can I book a duo with a lady not listed on your friends page? A; I am more comfortable  to duo with someone I already know, which will in turn heighten your experience. 

Q What type of gentleman will you refuse to meet ? A I refuse to meet with men who are impolite, unhygienic and have views that women are second class citizens. Also anything to do with drugs and being drunk is a hard NO ! 

Q I am having such a great time can I stay longer ? A Mutual respect for each others time is an essential issue. This means that our time together starts and ends on what we agreed.  However if you offer to pay my fees to extend my answer would most likely be yes. 

Q What about outcalls ? What info etc do you require ? A I will require the name of your hotel your full name and room number.  W1 hotels. I am happy to visit regular clients homes , new clients I will only visit if I am booked with a friend. All outcalls will require extra expense for travel expenses etc.

Q; Will you wear something specific for me ? A; YES ! Please feel comfortable to make your request/s. I have lots of lingerie sets, latex, leather, formal and casual outfits. , have a look through my galleries for inspiration. 

Q; Do you have a dungeon? Is it well stocked ? Can you combine a real Mistress and GFE experience A; Yes and yes and YES. I have 22 years of Mistress experience worldwide.

Q; Elle what makes you such a unique escort ?   A; I do things I enjoy and love.   Most other escort companions and Mistresses would - never - ever - consider. 

Q Are you discreet? A My discretion for you is 100% assured as it must be for me too. I never retain your details.

Q; Do you pay tax? How much do you earn each week? A;  YES  & Rude much ?

Q; Can you offer a discount? What about if I become a regular ? A; Sorry my fees are non negotiable.

Q; I have a particular fantasy or role-play scenario, will You help me realize it? A; Yes, I genuinely love role-play situations and there are NO limits.

Q; Can I go through  my requests over the phone, via email or text ?  A; Yes However all the information you require is on my website. 

Q; Elle  do you also enjoy delivering severe punishment?   A; Yes, I enjoy everything from extremely mild and pleasurable to extremely kinky and painful.

Q; Do you tour? A; No sorry I do not.

Q; Can  intimacy be a part my booking?  A; I see it as my basic human right to seek  gratification with whoever, whenever, however and of course IF ever I want to.

Q; What are no go areas of questions and conversation? A;  Please remember the real reasons why we are meeting. Neutral, easygoing/chilled out, none boundary pushing or judgmental conversations make for a more enjoyable experience. Meeting with me should never be turned into an interview. 

Q; Why do you do this line of work? A; Because I am free to do what I want to do ! I am great at what I do and because I love everything that I do. How many people can honestly say the same ? Kisses from Elle xxx

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