Tel: 07810805745 Incall locations: Earls Court SW5 - Bank EC2R - Holborn WC1V and Marleybone W1U   English London Escort 1rtWelcome to my etiquette page, this page will clarify and enlighten things for you which I also hope will be helpful with any other escorts you may meet.   

 * When you call  please do not call me darling or babe etc it makes you sound disingenuous and kindly volunteer your name  without me having to prompt you. 

* Kindly do not ask me any questions of an intimate sexual nature prior to meeting in any way - it is impolite and against the law.

* Be prepared to answer my questions such as what my fees are etc . This is to establish that you are informed due to reading my details on my website as you would be if you are genuine. 

* Make sure you are not unkempt and do not get drunk before our meeting.

* Be on time, our booking starts on the time we agreed and take careful note to my text directions - No neighbors appreciate unexpected people ringing their door bell.

* It is best to have my fees ready to give me within the first 5 minutes without me prompting you.

* You will be offered showers to freshen up kindly accept.

* Be prepared for conversation, show enthusiasm and contribute. I do not want to be the only one to carry the conversation. 

* Do not get too personal and please do not talk about your wife and kids. We all have boundaries kindly re frame from questions about my work etc. Lets not forget the real reason you booked me was for us to have a great time.

* Treat me with respect, I can always tell when someone is being unkind. Re frame from negative remarks about my self, my career or my friends etc.

* It is impotrtant that you do not over stay your welcome. If you want to extend I may consider it, if I have the time and if my fees are paid.Kisses from Elle xxxEnglish London Escort 1rtdThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.