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Hello and welcome to my Galleries page.

I was given a great piece of advice that an escort’s strongest tool in her toolbox to keep busy are her photos. I took that advice totally on board and have paid an absolute fortune on professional photoshoots. Some famed London photographers who if I am going to be totally honest were a massive let down in every sense of the word. I found them to be lazy and uncaring to the point of not behaving like non-professionals.

Also, they were not that nice people to deal with either I might add. At the end of the day, I believe all this over-editing to make me look like a painting or cartoon image of myself was flattering and had somewhat a resemblance of me, but over all this style of stretched-out legs and all the other Photoshop tricks are to say the least are unbelievable. I have many escort friends who constantly let me know about their disappointments with these photographers. I am not surprised now that they are massively rich living in palatial fully paid off homes it seems that all they talk about is “retiring from the game”.

escort selfies

What babe does not want to look immaculate and perfect? We all do of course, but this over photo-shopped style of photography that has been going on for ages now just looks common almost generic that all the girls’ faces look the same. I took it upon myself to try to make a change with things.

Being the trail blazer that I am and always have been I got up one fine day and said that is it - I will take my own pics from now and so folks that is just what I have been trying to do. I now understand just how stressful taking an escort’s pics can be because now I am taking photos of other escorts and Mistresses too, but the difference with me is that I make it very clear that I will not be using filters and all the rest of that useless trickery, which I believe makes a mockery of both the escorts and the clients too.

In fact, even for the agencies, I have dedicated one gallery on my website called the glamorous gallery (for lack of a better word). These pics have been edited by the photographers I previously mentioned so judge for yourself. My selfies are real and not edited at all and I even challenge you to bring over your tape measure to prove my measurements are totally genuine.

No waist cinching or leg stretching with my photos. I don’t think it is kind or even nice to mislead anyone and I don’t think it is a good way to live when living a lie.

Therefore, all my photos are a genuine and recent representation of how I look. I combine professional photos with my own selfies which I am constantly updating, see the little black gizmo in my right hand in the photo below, that is my remote control clicker, which is all the proof you should need that this is a genuine selfie photo.  You can select a gallery of interest to see more of my up to date photos.

Kisses from Elle xxx