Well this is exactly what I look like

Hey there everyone I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and that your week has been a brilliant one. Are you getting ready for the cold months ahead ? I am having an amazing time in my life in particular with my work which if you have read or know anything about me is very important to me. My new photos have had more than the desired effect and my phone is ringing hoot off the hook and this is the best reaction any escort could ever wish for.

Lows; I seriously have nothing to complain about and seeing as I do not lie I wont make up anything. My life is amazing I am happy in great health have wonderful friends and a great social life each and every day. I adore my creative outlets too and the many other things I do in my life. Just everything has come together and looking back I can clearly see I have made amazing progress with everything, so nope there wont be any complaining from yours truly just gratitude for work well done etc

Highs; Well high on life I guess... yes I would say that is me. I wake up with a positive happy attitude to everything and trust me if things were not going right in my life I would certainly vent it right here

Lets ask Elle a Question; Elle I can see that your new pics are great... which photo do you like the best and why ? A: I like the white swim wear on the beach because I like the swimsuit and I like the beach, I'm going to have to put together a lot more outfits for my next shoot with this amazing photographer and that can be a challenge, I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like to get the right outfits perfectly on point so I do spend ages in selection, so this is what I will be doing when ever I have free time to do it. I am so happy too that this photographer, does not edit the crap out of his pictures...

Subject Matter; Well this is exactly what I look like... I would like to say that the most recent photo shoot has captured me perfectly in every way. The previous one which was in December and the previous 3 with the same photographer here in London did not I don't think - she edits the photos far too much which is fine if the clients do not mind being mislead but I don't feel I needed that much cartoonish photo shop work done on me. Also this kind of over edited style of photograph is literally everywhere and so now is like kind of not special

Pet peeve; People who exaggerate just how good they are. I have met a guy and a girl lately who are driving me nuts, with boasting about themselves as to just how great they are and how busy their lives are and I happen to know for a fact and I sense it too that it is not the truth. I find it now that whenever I know I am going to meet them I don't feel excited in fact I kind of try to brace myself not to get annoyed, this cant be right and so I have to make the right decision, do I tell them that they are annoying or do I cut them out of my life ? Also a client asked me this week if I just hang around waiting for the phone to ring all day ... what sort of question is that ? do you think that makes for a nice atmosphere ? Not a great person and I could see that after he let his mouth run he felt awkward because he blushed crimson red when I returned a with diplomatic and nice response, well its part of my job isn't it not to take offence to back handed insults xxx

Final Say; If in doubt with a person - grin and bear it and just try to be nice you will am sure be amazed with the positive results, if that does not work then best to not say a word...

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Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone. Until my next blog, be kind to animals, take care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love and kisses Elle XXX

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