Hello again here is an update

Hello there one and all, I hope that all is going well in your lives, as for me well I feel on top of the world... Love all the positive reactions and feedback I have been receiving with my new photos. I am really enjoying my life and I have been told it shows. I've met some amazing new clients lately who I know will become regulars as well I have been catching up with dear friends. All in all life is treating me very well and I certainly have a positive yet realistic attitude to all things. My girlfriends (and I have many it seems ) who are like family to me have been the best, really its true isn't it that saying a friend in need is a friend indeed, well as I have had to go abroad on photo shoots my girlfriends all rallied around and helped me out with everything and some of them without me even asking. I am going through right now a big clean up of my brand on the net meaning I am coming off loads of websites ... some of them its a case of what was I even thinking being on them in the first place???? and really they did not do me any favors to be honest ... This is all because I am now excepting more and more model assignment work. I need to come off silly and tacky sites and directories and it takes some doing, because some of them are dead eg the phone number does not work and no response to emails etc so there is little I can do with those websites but as for the rest well its a clean out and get out kind of attitude for me and you know what it feels great too... My plan is to only be on a few very selective escort agency websites which is how it should have been from the start ... again what was I thinking ???? To those in advertising they would call what I am doing a re branding process and it kind of feels that way too... Any way do you like my new pics ? Here is a sample of my rear view ... are you a fan of skinny jeans of long legs with sexy knee high Christian Louboutin boots ? Let me know if you are ... Kisses for Elle xxx