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Hello again, welcome to my answers page, I am sure that you have questions before we meet. Below this photo is a list of the most popular questions I have answered.  I have been as transparent as possible, Elle xxx

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Q:How much notice do I need to give you?  A: I prefer at least two hours advance notice.  Ideally it is best if you call in the early morning  on the day that you would like to meet and then reconfirm one full hour before our agreed time. I like to get ready nicely for you so kindly take this into consideration. If you do not reconfirm, unfortunately will result in a cancellation which will result in us never being able to meet again, unless you are prepared to pay a cancellation fee of £50 for wasting my time making arrangement's etc.  

Q: Why do you ask for a 50% deposit for overseas bookings and for outcalls for new clients? A: A deposit ensures you are serious about our time together.     

Q: Will you meet with handicapped clients ? A: Sorry I will not. 

Q: Can I bring a gift along or send you something prior to our meeting? A: Yes most certainly, my wish list page is fully informative. 

Q: Can you offer a discount? A: Sorry my fees are non negotiable.

Q: I will be arriving in London in two months time will you be around can I make an advance booking? A: Of course if you pay a deposit - known, trusted clients will never need to. 

Q: Is there parking available? A: Yes, pay and display.

Q: Elle can I contact you from a withheld number, payphone, text message or email to arrange an appointment? A: Yes if you pay a £200 deposit first, I am happy to text you my banking details etc.

Q: Are you  clean living ?  A: Yes, I do not smoke, drink or take drugs and I take great care of both my physical and emotional health.

Q: Are you discreet? A: My discretion to you is 100% assured, as it must be for me too. No matter who you are...what happens between us will stay between us.

Q: Do you tour? A: No sorry I do not.

Q: What do you need to know from me when I call? A: I need to know that you are aware of my fees and the area in London I am located in. It is polite to volunteer your name when you call. By being polite and friendly will ensure that we will meet.

Q: What is you favorite type of appointment ? A: I adore all appointment's with genuine gentlemen. 

Q: Why do you do this line of work? A: Because I am great at what I do and because I love everything that I do... 

Q: What is your favorite type of client? A: I get on very well with clients who can recognize my qualities, those who are kind, clean, fun to be around and know how to conduct themselves well in my presence. 

Q: Are you photographs really you? A: Yes, all my photos are a recent and true representation of how I look. Most of them are taken with my Iphone  selfies

Q: What services do you provide and can we discuss them prior to meeting? A: Please understand, being an escort is a legal business in England. However discussion of intimate services prior to meeting is not. I have great recent reviews on my reviews page and I love a true real life girlfriend experience.

Q: Will you meet with younger Gentlemen? A: Yes from 24 years old and above, with older gentlemen there is no upper age limit.

Q: Could you combine being assertive with a GFE experience? A: Certainly,  I am also a sensual Mistress and Dominatrix, have a look at my Mistress website I can make you feel at ease in my presence and I am happy to take the lead if this is what you prefer?

Q: What is your character like? A: Natural, emotionally intelligent, genuine, down to earth, happy, warm, caring, sexy, creative and comfortable with myself.

Q: What do you dislike? A: I dislike arrogant bullies who are rude and boundary pushing, unkind people. I do not entertain those who are under the influence of drugs or who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol before our meeting.

Q: What are your other interests? A: Besides meeting up with my friends to explore all that London has to offer, I love to travel, meet new people and I have a passion for life, lingerie and latex. 

Q: Hi Elle I'm just curious are you fully Caucasian ?. A: I am 99% English/Irish and born in Marleybone London W1. Due to being raised in Western Australia, I have a slight Australian accent which I am told is classy and charming. I carry one passport which is British due to not becoming a citizen of Australia.

Q: When do you intend to give up this line of work? A: Never ! You wont hear any sad life story about any thing to do with my chosen career which I adore... I do what I love and love what I do. I am having so much fun living my dream and look forward to meeting you soon, Kisses from Elle xxx

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