Tel: 07810805745 - London. Incall location: Earls Court SW5

Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Elle and I’m delighted you’ve chanced upon me. You’ll soon come to find that I bring passion to all aspects of my life and should you wish to spend moments together, it will be gifted to you as well. I consider myself an independent mature escort with the unique talents of a tantric masseuse and sensual mistress, based within the heart of London. All information and photos are recent and genuine representations of who I am and how I look, but you need only visit me to confirm this for yourself. Should you desire the companionship of an English companion who is well spoken, warm and sensual with the elegance and emotional intelligence that comes from being well traveled, you needn’t look any further. I am eager to explore dalliances with refined and genuine gentlemen, without the confinement of strings and expectations. My pleasure-filled corner of the world is simply for us to explore together without societal limitations, for short-lived or continued moments. With deep kisses that will linger on our lips for days to come,Elle xxx

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What is an Independent mature escort?

Hello there,

In my musings, I found myself thinking of all the qualities an escort must possess to be considered high class. To be a high class mature independent escort, I firmly believe one must possess the following...

A high class MILF escort does not require stimulants or depressants in excess to enjoy the booking. They must take great care of their figure and health. They must know how to present themselves in most any social situation, including on e-on-one bookings. They should, if independent, have websites that are well maintained, accompanied with up-to-date photos and information. Further, a high class escort is polite, beautiful company and is well versed in a wide range of topics. They must possess a healthy sex drive and an elaborate, full collection of clothing, lingerie, heels and boots for all occasions. They would ideally be graced with a likeable and charismatic character and able to establish reasonable boundaries. Importantly, they would not tolerate any poor manners from clients, friends and acquaintances alike.

Above all, they should be reliable, punctual and have at least a few positive reviews from reputable clientele. Being an upscale, classy companion requires a certain X-factor to make her all the more appealing.


Thanks to the cultural and historical significance that the City of London carries, it attracts tourists from around the world throughout most every season. All year round, you will find London flooded with people of all backgrounds and delightful life histories enjoying their time in this beautiful and vibrant city. Not only promoting local business, it also ensures that high-end escorts are always in demand and able to meet interesting men from all corners of the world.

The typical travelling gentleman hires independent companions from London to accompany them to social events, business meetings or simply to explore the city. The importance of booking an escort who is sophisticated, and discreet is vital - as both parties benefit from a believable union and match. Premium, elite escorts, like myself, take special care not to look ostentatious or gaudy to seamlessly fit on your arm.

My clients praise my instinctive ability to stay within healthy boundaries, being respectful of my clients privacy at all times. However, this does not mean they do not get to see my more naughty side. I just adore keeping my client inspired, and excited - especially in public settings. Naturally, to keep a smile on my clients face- I try to go above and beyond. As a reputable, elite escort, I have the liberty and freedom to decide what I deliver and what I choose not to.

Being extremely adventurous, I fulfil fantasies and keep you yearning for my body for hours or days on end. Trained as tantric massage, an experienced sensual Mistress of many erotic adventures - I can ensure our time is spent sending you into a state of euphoria.


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My preferences are varied; I love day outings just as much I do late evenings. A perfect day would ideally include going around the city, doing interesting and exciting things together, kissing in romantic places, lightly caressing you in public just enough to keep you on the edge.

For dinner and evenings out, I love to dress up with only the very best clothing that money can buy. I have a fetish for high end lingerie which I love nothing more than to show off draped over my busty but slender figure.

Booking me is easy. I am available for sessions of varied types and durations. Desiring a dark Dominatrix or flirty mind? Depending on your wants, I am happy to touch into that naughty facet of my personality.

Make your booking with me as soon as you arrive in London or you may lose a chance to press your lips against mine. I am a reputable, gorgeous, independent London escort.


Why am I the best Independent MILF in London?

You’ll come to find that I’m quite different from your run of the mill escort or call girl. I am a unique, experienced, exuberant lady who creates a positive stir within most everyone I meet, wherever I may go. Elegant, versatile, artistic, sensual with undeniable strength and confidence. I am 100% British, with an accomplished modelling background and standing at a statuesque 5 foot 9 inches. My almond shaped eyes are deep, sultry brown, complemented by full natural kissable lips. I am blessed with a beautiful face and an irresistible, slender yet feminine and curvaceous frame that are best adored by gentle hands and passionate kisses

My personality is centered around positive hedonism; I am sexy, warm fun loving and more importantly, discreet. I laugh often and easily and can be both silly and serious depending on the situation. You will also find that I am incredibly intuitive and hold a high level of emotional intelligence. I’ve been told I am easy to talk to, with a sharp and refined mind. Due to my extensive travels, I hold a wide variety of interests. I love all things cultured; fine arts, music and literature. I am at ease in most every social setting as I am ultimately down-to-earth. You will also find me sensually uninhibited, wild, open-minded with a genuine playfulness and sexual appetite that is both eager and easy to please. Should our interests align, I can’t wait to move on to my favourite part… getting to know more about you!

Where can you find me?

There are two locations where we may meet, both in the most upscale areas in London.

The first; hidden within the leafy oasis of West London; Earls Court (SW5). This area is within The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The second area is located in W1J, and notably, a block away from Selfridges. You simply cant get more central than that.

Both residences are immaculate, luxurious, discreet and very easy to find.

Do peruse my lovely little website for more information and up to date photos prior to booking. Or better, simply give me a call if you’d like to indulge in an unforgettable experience of unparalleled intimacy, sensuality and erotic exploration.
Elle xxx